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Infratil Limited Offers new Bonds, with options for existing holders of Bonds maturing 2021.

Infratil Limited Bond 310 Fixed-rate 3.6%p.a. , 6.5 year unsecured, unsubordinated infrastructure bonds.

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Infratil owns renewable energy, airport, data & connectivity and social infrastructure businesses in growth sectors. It's latest bond offering up to $50 Million (NZD), with the option to accept a further $50 Million, will pay an interest rate of 3.6% per annum and Mature 15 December 2027.

The second part of the offer ("Exchange Offer"), Infratil is offering holders of its fixed rate bonds maturing on 15 June 2021 ("2021 Bonds") the opportunity to exchange all or some of their 2021 Bonds for Infrastructure Bonds offered under this Terms Sheet. You will receive one new Infrastructure Bond for each 2021 Bond exchanged under the Exchange Offer. Once you submit a completed Exchange Offer application form you will no longer be able to sell or otherwise transfer your 2021 Bonds designated in that application form.

Important: Please register your interest by 9am Friday 28th May 2021.

No money is currently being sought, We strongly recommend you discuss with a Financial adviser at Tribe Financial Ltd to ensure you understand the terms, conditions and variations.

If this offer is of interest to you please register your interest below so that we can contact you.

Register Interest here Closing Dates General Offer: 5.00pm, 30 June 2021

Exchange Offer for 2021 Bonds: 5.00pm, 10 June 2021

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