Are you an Employer?

Tribe Financial can help your Employees understand KiwiSaver and it's benefits while maximizing it's potential. With free workplace presentations we can provide real value to your Business and your valued staff. 

Is your kiwiSaver right for you?

KiwiSaver is New Zealand's Largest Retirement scheme, ensure your retirement is as comfortable as you deserve.


When you are investing in your KiwiSaver, let us ensure your hard earned funds are in the right place for you. 

We look at your situation and establish what best suits you. Our Kiwisaver advice is free, and we will ensure your investment is right for you. We take the hassle out of figuring out your Investment, ensuring your investment is doing what it should to get you to where you want to be.

We ensure: 
- You understand how Kiwisaver works, where the contributions come from, and how to take full advantage.

- Funds are invested in a way that matches your stage of life, your goals and your values.
- Provide a plan on how to maximize your retirement nest egg and gain the full benefits of being a Kiwisaver member. 

Buying or considering your first home and wondering how KiwiSaver can help? A quick and simple call with one of our Advisors can get you on the way, ensure your funds are available when you need them, and get you set up to kickstart your retirement savings after the purchase.


Tribe Financial Ltd is proud to distribute Generate KiwiSaver Scheme
A copy of the Product Disclosure Statement can be downloaded HERE

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