Investment advice Kiwis can count on

Whether you are looking to make a start in investing, or have invested all you life, our advisors will tailor a plan that suits your goals, lifestyle and future needs. You'll be involved in process the whole way through so you know where your money is invested and how it is managed. 


Our advisors can access a wide range of local and global markets and can advise you on diversified funds and help work out the best strategy for you and your money moving forward. Our range of services and industry partnerships mean we can help every kiwi access the financial markets and make informed decisions. 

We are just a phone call away and the team can provide you with up to date portfolio valuations, market information and pricing to tailor a customized portfolio that suits you. 

Understanding You

Our advisors work to ensure they know your goals, financial needs and help to educate you to understand the markets and financial systems.


Our range of industry partnerships mean we can provide you access to global markets, managed funds and cash management facilities. In a cost effective way.


We will make Tax time easy, by ensuring you understand the tax implications of each investment and providing regular updates on your investments and tax positions.

Ongoing Advice

We constantly monitor markets, so if the situation changes we can adapt your investments to suit. We have access to a range of research and can keep you updated on markets, funds and companies around the world. 

Funds and Unit Trusts 

With a range of products available to suit every investment style, We can provide an investment to align with your goals. Let us do the research on tax benefits and associated fees, while you take a back seat. 

Stocks & Bonds

With access to shares on NZX, ASX and most major exchanges in the World. Tribe can assist in buying or selling stocks and Bonds, and get access to new issues


When you are investing in your retirement, we want to ensure your invested in the right Kiwisaver for you. We look at your entire situation and establish what best suits you. Our Kiwisaver advice is free, and we will ensure your investment is right for you. 


Global Partners

Capital Harvest Brokers Limited, founded in 2014, aims to provide access to global investment markets to all investors. with a network of branches and related entities across many major financial centers around the globe, giving Tribe investors access to global markets at competitive rates. 

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Tribe Financial Ltd is a Sharesight Pro Partner.

Sharesight Pro is a professional online portfolio management system which makes tracking your share performance easy. Contact us today to find out how you can automate your share portfolio.